Beatles Rolls Royce

Lennons Grill_edited.jpg

This replica of a Psychedelic icon also started life as a Lennon look-alike, both finished in black, and I think you will agree much more understated than what we see today. Again, like Lennon’s Roller This was sent overseas. However, this cars first appearance was at the Brussels Car Show. Later bought in 1971 and remaining in Belgium for 10 years, until it was re-imported back to Britain. Wind the clock forward 38 years and the beauty has now been bought by The Beats Tours Limited, by owner Rob Smith. Rob has gone all out with this recreation, even going as far to match the yellow paintwork with the inside of the gatefold sleeve of Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, by the Beatles.

If you would like to roll like Lennon, this Rolls can now be seen lighting up the streets of Liverpool giving guided luxury tours of Beatles hangouts and historic sites of Liverpool… But that’s not all, if you would like to book this for wedding or event we can work it out.   

The story of the actual car itself from John Lennon is:

John bought a 1965 Phantom V and in 1966 went to make a film in Almeria Spain.

The car returned to the UK, looking worse for wear due to the desert conditions.

John decided to have it painted from its original Valentine's Black to what you see today.  He commissioned JP Fallon a Surry coachbuilder to find someone to do the artwork, another local called Steve Weaver.

The influence for the design is surrounded in myth but what we do know is he had a showman's horse drawn caravan in his garden and that he was hanging about with a group of artists from Holland called the Fool, they later painted the mural on the Apple  Boutique in London.



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