New York Cab




This Crown Victoria taxi began life on the streets of NYC back in 2003 battling through busy streets on a daily basis, clocking over 200,000 miles ferrying passengers across one of the worlds most famous cities.

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Eventually the cab was sold via charity auction to a taxi advertising company in the North East. The owner was said to have been nuts about NYC and had always wanted to own a real New York taxi, he was so pleased to find one to use as a promotional tool, he even gave the car a name, Oscar, a name that still stands today.

After 5 years of service, an NYC taxi is usually fit for retirement. However, not this one! This faithful Ford was bought and imported by Pinewood Studios London for the purpose of filming the title sequence of the 2007 hit movie Mamma Mia and subsequently used in the movie Kick Ass.

So, after a career in advertising Oscar found a new home in Aberdeen Scotland. Sold to an American car collector, Oscar was still in the limelight featuring in car shows across the country.


Some years later, on an auction website, this taxi cab was back on the market. This is where I stepped in, seeing the potential in this icon for a unique wedding car, I snapped it up! Since then Oscar has travelled the length and breadth of the UK traveling to weddings and events all over. Let's face it - there are not many of these taxis' this side of the pond! I've travelled all over including Scotland and Ireland and loved every moment.Whereever Oscar goes, he never fails to draw a crowd of spectators wanting to capture  a picture or video with this unique car as the star attraction.

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