Chevrolet Bel-air


The Chevy Bel air name is notably a brand most associated with the 1950’s. Post war America was much in need of some cheer and had to kick-start its car industry and sales, so along came the brightly coloured smiley faced cars we have all come to love.  


This 1954 Chevy has spent most of its life in America, approximately 20 of these years in a Museum in Indiana. In 2014 'Sandy', as she is now known, was imported to England to spend some time with an American car enthusiast before joining Unique Car Hire.


Thanks to snappy advertising campaigns and the cars good looks, this generation of Chevrolet was a big hit making it a popular car of its time and is now an icon of 50’s America.

chevy ad 1.jpg

To my knowledge, this particular car has not been used in any TV or films….yet! But the 1954 Bel air can be spotted in movies such as American Graffiti and Back To The Future, famously running down Marty Mcfly outside his mother's house.

These cars are a rare sight in America and even rarer in the UK... However, should you holiday or honeymoon in Cuba or Havana you will see plenty of them still cruising the streets today.

This made this the perfect car for a Cuban bar promotion shortly after I purchased it in 2015.

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