The Bride

Perfect for the Bride who wants to arrive in style. Whether you want to arrive in classic 1950’s rockabilly chic or if you have passion for Manhattan Fashion - we have the cars for you!

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The Bridal Party

Don’t forget the bridal party, they need to get to the church on time to! The taxi can carry up to 4 of your bridal party and the Bel-air can carry up to 5 passengers sitting comfortably on its enormous bench seats.



Advertise your company using these eye catching icons. The advertising top board on the taxi can promote your company, drawing your customers eye to your companies name, products and contact details.


The cars can be used as a static display to generate interest to your business and help bring in customers.

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The Groom

It’s not unusual for a Groom to turn up to Church in the back of a taxi, so why not book a taxi with a difference… not quite the average mini cab, I think you’ll agree.


Roof Top Board

Advertise your day by personalising the cab's roof top boards, adding your names and date of the wedding or create a design to complement your theme and your own personalities.

This will give your wedding car your own personal touch.

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TV & Film 

The taxi cab is no stranger to the silver screen and is still available for filming. This taxi is 100% an original genuine New York Taxi, complete with meter and NYC transfers both inside and out.

Furthermore, the Chevy is in fantastic condition and has been kept to original specifications as much as possible making it perfect for any 50's era films, TV programmes or photo-shoots. Below it you can see the Chevy filming of a TV advertisement.

Chevy bel air Hire for tv film on locati

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